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Bulking Season. This is when no fucks are given for aesthetics, and you just eat 3 gallons of ice cream since it "fits in your 4,000 calorie a day" macros, and you go from 167 lbs to 191 lbs, all stomach and tit, in 3 weeks.
Convo 1:

V: Holy crap, Liel, are you really going to eat that entire sause pot filled of white potatoes?

L: Fuck yea bro, I need post workout carbs. Lielgainz.

Convo 2:

D: Vin, are you eating dessert tonight? Should I make a quest bar w/ Peanut Flour and Sugar Free Jelly?
V: Yea sure -- actually, you use the peanut flour and I'll use regular peanut butter.

D: But wont your calories be too high today?
V: Babe, I'm only using 2 tablespoons - this isn't Lielgainz -- this is a normal bodybuilding bulk.
by Protein Prosecutor September 04, 2013
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