A Chicago suburb, comparable to the classic north shore suburbs, just not directly on the lake. Characterized by new money and an amazing high school football team, Libertyville provides for an excellent, although typical, upper-middle class lifestyle. When in the town, one will notice a cute yet quaint historical downtown area, as well as an abundance of car dealerships. Affectionately called L-ville by those who live there.Q: Which Chicago suburb is better than you?
A: Libertyville

"New Money" means people who have vast sums of wealth, such as CEOs of multinational corporations and the like, NOT people whose parents own local car dealerships or small businesses and live in million dollar homes. I promise. I live in Libertyville and I know of no family that would be considered "new money". New Money is also a rather derogatory term, as it implies that they are people who have money with no sophistication or social graces to use it, so I don't understand why people would be eager to apply that term to themselves. I would define it as a nice, very upper-middle class suburb with a historic downtown district, excellent schools (with equally excellent athletic and musical programs), and a nice place to live. As much as many people would like us to be, we're NOT part of the North Shore- we have no access to the Lake! I'd probably also define it as a town that seems to have a lot of people who are full of themselves, judging by the first definition.
Libertyville is a northern suburb of Chicago
by 124kkl December 02, 2005
An ever growing stuck up suburban town with its inhabitants seeking to further enlarge their egos by boasting about their worthless incomes and snotty upper-class nieghbohoods. Their football team won state; but some, actually, many people wonder if they would have been as successful without the prevalent use of steroids. Home to the most notorious slut in the area, the high school has become a breeding ground for skanks and upper-class tools.

Libertyville Days is a terrific place to shop for STDs.
by travis W January 28, 2006
town full of cocky ass holes who think they r better than everyone at everything... hell on earth
dude of course hes an ass hole... hes from libertyville
by patriot15 March 13, 2007
A cute suburb about an hour north of Chicago. A classic example of north shore living, Libertyville is quaint, rich, and obsessed with high school sports.Known for its large amounts of "new money," 99.9 percent of the town lives in large, ritzy, tasteless houses with Land Rovers parked in front. Filled with guys who think they are God's gift to the town and girls who truely believe that you are what you wear, it is no wonder why everyone want to "get the hell out of here" when they graduate. The only pasttime is getting wasted before WILDCAT FOOTBALL games and bragging about it the next day, as if you were doing something cool and unique. Although most L-villans believe they do this for fun and as an easy way to pretend they have school spirit, its most likely a result of chasing bordom. Or they are fresh out of weed, unofficial scent of the hallways. If you hear a car commercial, it is most likely for one of the 5376585547552336655 car dealerships.
If Marlon Brando saw Libertyville now, he would roll over in his grave.
by Lville res November 29, 2005
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