burb on the northwest side of chicago. part rich, part working class. getting harder and harder with time, as there were two drug related murders last year. boring as hell town, nice downtown, way too many car dealerships. A ton of support for the highschool sports teams, the libertyville wildcats, especially there championship winning football team, which is known for violent defenses that play dirty and injure people. most residents cant wait to get the fuck out. often called Lville, Ltown, LV. called preppy by mundelien, called white trash by lincolnshire.
guy1: were you goin
guy2: to Libertyville, gonna stay away from the interlaken area, dont feel like fighting, going straight to the down town for some skanks
by C-Bass April 11, 2007
Top Definition
Typical Northwest Chicago Suburb. Wealthy enough to look down on other suburbs (especially Mundelein), while still believing they are "down to earth" because they are not as rich as Lake Forest. Residents will often remind you that Libertyville is better than your town, often followed up with "we don't do THAT in Libertyville, we do it THIS way." The guys are the cookie cutter Dave Matthews band followers. They wear expensive sandals, sporting a $50 haircut made to look "shaggy", smoking lots of pot, and claiming to be hippies while being die-hard republicans without really knowing why or following politics. The girls are devastatingly sheltered, but think they understand racism because "there was a black kid that went to my high school". They can be heard saying, "we like totally have minorities too just like anywhere else. Like my doctor is totally Indian and my psychiatrist is Chinese or something."
"Oh my GOD, you would NEVER see that in Libertyville!"
by Urban Dictionary February 13, 2008
A Chicago suburb, comparable to the classic north shore suburbs, just not directly on the lake. Characterized by new money and an amazing high school football team, Libertyville provides for an excellent, although typical, upper-middle class lifestyle. When in the town, one will notice a cute yet quaint historical downtown area, as well as an abundance of car dealerships. Affectionately called L-ville by those who live there.
Q: Which Chicago suburb is better than you?
A: Libertyville

by Lville girl October 08, 2005
Village full of car dealers, has one of the still thriving downtown areas, LOTS of visable pride/support/etc for the HS team The Libertyville Wildcats, lots of rich and upper middle class people, pretty much the definition of southern Lake County. Libertyville is bordered by Mundelein and Vernon Hills which are similar villages/towns/etc.
Hey lets go to Libertyville!
by 1069 June 25, 2006
A upper middle class to low high class community, contrary to popular belief, is apart of the north shore. Though it is not actually on Lake Michigan, many experts have classified it as apart of the north shore. Home to 4 different grammar schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school, it is known for it's excellent schooling system. About 40 minutes from Chicago, 30 on a good day. The girls are seen sporting black leggings from lulu lemon, half zip hoodies from Victoria's Secret/ Pink, 200 dollar Ugg boots, a white Iphone, and a starbucks cup from one of the two locations in town. The boys claim to be hippies because they smoke lots of pot and wear tie-dye shirts with grateful dead logos on them. Pretty much all the kids smoke pot and go to the rave and take E there. The moms all sit at home all day and go grocery shopping and clothes shopping, and wait for there stuck up Bratty kid to call and ask for some money or a ride somewhere. The dads all go to work all day to pay for they're mansions, taxes, bratty kids, and oh yes, the clothes there wives put on there credit card without telling them.
Libertyville kid: "Mom, can I have some cash, and I need a ride to a party."
Libertyville Mom: "Sure honey i'm just checking out at Saks, I'll be home in 20!"
by orangebuttchicken January 19, 2015
upper middle class suburb north of chicago. not as rich as lake forest to the east, but richer than pretty much the rest of lake county. kids from libertyville like to consider their town part of the north shore, except their missing the most important part of being considered north shore-which is of course the lake. the highschool is pretty highly ranked, and kids are smartish. an obscene amount of fakebaking, jeepdriving, pot smoking,northfacing and school spirit can be observed among the students at libertyville highschool. takes forever to get into the city driving but takes like 40 minutes on the train. has a "historic" uptown area where kids that cant drive walk around. the mcdonalds is incredibly inconveniently located. dats pretty much it
Where are you from?

The Northshore

Really? because Im pretty sure Libertyville does not touch the lake.
by lol2010 August 20, 2010
An ever growing stuck up suburban town with its inhabitants seeking to further enlarge their egos by boasting about their worthless incomes and snotty upper-class nieghbohoods. Their football team won state; but some, actually, many people wonder if they would have been as successful without the prevalent use of steroids. Home to the most notorious slut in the area, the high school has become a breeding ground for skanks and upper-class tools.
Libertyville Days is a great place to shop for STDs.
by travis w December 29, 2005
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