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Rich, up-scale residential community in new Vestavia Hills, full of artificial lakes, artificial people, 7 year olds driving golf carts on roads, snobby white spoiled brats, and landscape-authoritative figures who will evict you for hanging a bird's nest on your tree or having a street-visible basketball goal. A modern-day dystopia, if there ever was one.
Liberty Park? Worse than Stepford and Pleasantville combined.
by G..... March 21, 2010
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A community is Vestavia Hills, AL. It contains one elementary school and one middle school. There is also a park, a community pool, and two tennis courts. Contrary to popular belief, it is made up of mostly nice people and children who are not spoiled. However, just like any other community, there are a few snobs, however these people are few and far between. Golf carts may be driven on sidewalks by people of the age sixteen or higher with a valid driver's license. Having a basketball goal visible from the street will not get you in trouble, as both I and many of my neighbors have had them for years with no problems. Lakes have been built in this community for people to fish in or boat on. A nice, well-kept community.
Both Liberty Park and Mountain Brook are nice, clean communities with good education centers and good people.
by TheRealParker December 17, 2013

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