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The Liberty Bell is a lewd sex act in which a male spreads his legs while standing and squats down just bit. While squatting, he then holds and raises his penis, leaving his testicles dangling free. A woman then lies down underneath and inserts the entire testicle sack into her mouth, shaking her head from side to side much like ringing a bell. Ideally, the woman performs this act with such aggression that crack(s) can form at the corners of her mouth, much like the cracked Liberty Bell.
Man, Garth hooked up with some dumb ho last night. Dumb bitch got so drunk she gave Garth a liberty bell.
by Curits September 16, 2008
The act of wearing a t-shirt whilst wearing nothing below the waist, not to include footwear. (Applicable to males only.)
Why does that dude always go Liberty Bell in the locker room? That's gay.
by JMVizzy July 02, 2009
When an elderly man robocops a woman, then strikes the bucket with his cane while it rests on the woman's head.
Becky's ears were ringing for a week after Herbert liberty belled her.
by Super G February 29, 2008
When you take your penis and slam it on her forehead while screaming let freedom ring. If done properly the penis indent will look like the liberty bell.
Shit man, I was titty fucking this hoe and she took the liberty bell. Ben Franklin would of be proud.
by Skin to win November 02, 2015
When a guy is naked and bends over (like hiking a football) and gets someone to look at him from behind.
The nuts are like the clapper in the bell and the crack well, is like the crack in the Liberty Bell.
by cncworker April 20, 2010
When you are with two girls, they are facing each other and kissing, you place you penis between their faces and proceed to smack them in the forehead back and forth. Hence, "ringing the liberty bell"
Jeremiah gave Sarah and Sally the liberty bell last night
by JMoregon November 29, 2007
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