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A World of Warcraft roleplaying private server with a funloving community. People who exploit the rules for their own personal gain are outcasted and seek to slander the forum due to its high standards of living.

Libertas WoW is America and everyone else that goes out of their way to slander Libertas are third world countries in comparison.
"Libertas WoW! LISTEN TO ME! I CAN TELEPORT USING THIS SPELL. SEE!?" says the distraught random outcast of roleplaying society trying to save some sort of dignity.

"too bad 7th level magic in D&D is very powerful and beyond the ken of most ordinary magicians
u mad" says the experienced user, nullifying the outcast's argument with but a pair of statements.

And so the divine comedy of World of Warcraft roleplaying continues.
by olord March 31, 2010

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A haven full of retards...Nuff said.
"Hey, have you ever been to Libertas WoW?"

"Fuck that.."
by Jesusmaster9111 March 12, 2010