Unlike Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians support the CONSTITUTION.

There are three types of Libertarians:
anarcho-capitalists (very small % of the party): Private enterprise should provide all government functions including
military defense and police protection.

minarchists: Government should be very small. As in just a police force and a military. Maybe roads.

Constitutionalists (like me): Article I, Section 8 of the Cosntitution means what it means. The federal government should follow this document...not ignore it. The Constitution isn't just a good idea...it's the law.

All Libertarians are not drug-using, machine gun toting, public school privatizing anarchists...some of us just want medical marijuana, sensible gun control (no nuclear weapons) and school vouchers...
by Ringo Starr April 01, 2006
A libertarian believes his right to swing his arms ends where his neighbor's nose begins. Government's sole function is to guard that relationship.
A libertarian won't dump used motor oil where it will taint someone else's water.
by TomS April 13, 2006
Advocates of free will, protecting of all rights natural or other, truest most tangible liberty and justice for all. They herald those who protect freedoms, despise those who trounce upon it, are proud of the rich, want to see the poor better themselves, see all races as equal and equally capable,
defy the institutions that dare to regulate our private lives and public opinions, and are the be-all, end-all majority of the middle class whether you know it or not.
Me, in a nutshell
by X-S~ April 06, 2004
One who wants to maximize individual liberty and mimimize the role of the state. ("Live and let live," so to say.)

Government should protect and preserve life, liberty, and property, as well as intervene in the events of force and fraud. (Force, however, is OK when somebody trespasses onto your property and/or initiates violence against you or a loved or defenseless one.)

On the issues (Thanks to the U.S. Libertarian Party's official website)...

1. CRIME AND VIOLENCE: Protect victims' rights. End prohibition. Get tough on real crime (ones with actual victims). Protect the right to self-defense. Address the root causes of crime.

2(a). ENVIRONMENT - BASICS: Abolish sovereign immunity for government officials. Privatize "land and beast". Use tort (restitution) as a deterrent and restorative.

2(b). ENVIRONMENT - GLOBAL WARMING: Utilize non-government ways to put a stop to the "problem" we've been hearing about.

3. FAMILY BUDGETS: Knock down income and property taxes so families can put more money into their bank accounts and piggy jars. Utilize sales taxes to collect revenue.

4. FOREIGN POLICY: Non-interventionism. Use deterrence, and only attack when actually threatened or attacked. Free trade over foreign aid to help out developing nations. No conscription, period.

5. FREEDOM OF SPEECH: No censorship, no subsidization. Only intervene when there's coercion involved.

6. GUN LAWS: The right to bear arms. Encourage gun ownership, and invest in education and training programs to promote responsible gun ownership.

7. HEALTH CARE: Establish Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). De-regulate the health care industry. Remove barriers to safe, affordable medicines.

8. INTERNET: Stop censorship.

9. IMMIGRATION: To immigrants, no welfare. And make sure you get screened for medical purposes and have had a police background check. Then you can enter LEGALLY.

10. POVERTY AND WELFARE: End welfare. Establish a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to private charity. Tear down barriers to entrepreneurism and economic growth. Reform education using the free market (or vouchers or tax credits).

11. PRIVACY: Repeal restrictions and regulations on the private development, sale, and use of encryption technology. No court-issued warrant detailing the time, place, and area to be searched, no search. No national ID card and no Social Security for ID purposes.

12. SOCIAL SECURITY: Sell all assets to make sure that America's promises are kept while pursuing IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) for the purpose of allowing citizens to control their own retirement.

13. TAXES: Privatize and cut taxes. Get Germany and Japan off of military welfare. Stop bailing out industries with taxpayers' money. Replace welfare with private charity. Sales taxes would be better than income and property taxes.
A Libertarian on the issues...

1. CRIME AND VIOLENCE: "How about monetary restitution for the victim instead of the death penalty? And let's legalize drugs, gambling, and prostitution, as long as it's consensual."

2(a). ENVIRONMENT - BASICS: "What the EPA says goes, politicians. It's time you guys sold some land to pay off the national debt. And I'm gonna take that guy to small claims court because he spilled oil on my front lawn."

2(b). ENVIRONMENT - GLOBAL WARMING: And I'll plant some trees to suck up that CO2, a'ight, you global-warming worrywarts?!"

3. FAMILY BUDGETS: "That FairTax is such a good idea. Instead of you taking my money, I'm GIVING it to you."

4. FOREIGN POLICY: "Do we really need to police the world or contribute troops to UN peacekeeping forces? I honestly would rather sign free trade agreements over foreign policies. Yeah, sure, jobs may be outsourced, but we should really knock down corporate taxes so we can compete for those jobs."

5. FREEDOM OF SPEECH: "Read the First Amendment."

6. GUN LAWS: "Read the Second Amendment. I'm training to use a gun responsibly, mind you. I won't shoot unless in self-defense, but I'll pay you money if I misfire my gun, a'ight?"

7. HEALTH CARE: "Let's find ways to lower costs instead of trying to find bureaucratic ways to foot the bill, OK, you Canadian-style health care lovers?"

8. INTERNET: "Read the First Amendment. Net Neutrality is an invasion by government into the free market -- let Internet providers shoot themselves in the foot."

9. IMMIGRATION: "Let's cut off welfare before we open the floodgates."

10. POVERTY AND WELFARE: "A job is better than welfare."

11. PRIVACY: "Read the Fourth Amendment. And stay out of my comp, unless you got a court-issued warrant!"

12. SOCIAL SECURITY: "IRAs R awesome. I could sell these assets to help pay the national debt."

13. TAXES: "Lower taxes by cutting the fat from the budget. Privatize, no military welfare, no corporate welfare, and private charity. Russ Feingold and all you other budget hawks in Congress, take notes."
by Obscure Anomaly September 02, 2006
One who believes that drugs are okay in the sense that it shouldn't be the only thing people worry about. They also believe that americans need rights such as protecting themselves. They also believe there should be minimal gov't and that the police should be used for violent crimes that effect the people of the US. Using drugs only hurts the users, however, if it effects other people, the users will go to jail for assault, rape, murders etc.
Ron Paul can be considered a libertarian.
by Kk112233 June 22, 2011
A person who very strongly believes in principle of 'no INITIATION of force is allowed', with government being included in the most frequent initiators of force, i.e. abusers.

Libertarians typically view government as a source of fraud, economic waste, political insanity, cronyism and legally created monopolies, as opposed to the body delivering important social services (see statists). Many libertarians believe that government per se, as such, costs people more than its non-existence.

Libertarians divide mainly into minarchists (proponents of minimum government) and anarchists (proponents of no government).

Minarchists want government to be protector 'against force and fraud'. Anarchists want reliance on other social mechanisms, such as local community, common law, and free market for defence against such.

There is an important difference between classical liberals and liberatarians: libertarians advocate free market for reasons related to individual rights, while classical liberals advocate free market for social utility.

Notable examples of anarchist libertarians are David D. Friedman, professor of law, and Vernon Vinge, mathematician and scifi writer.
Libertarians believe government is monopoly of force serving the monopolists and politically connected VIPs, not the people.

There's no such thing as society, there are only individuals.

Self-interest trumps ideology.

Liberals are liars and conservatives are cowards.
by mrkafk February 25, 2006
A political ideology of minimal government and maximum individual rights. Libertarians stress that the government is only in place to protect the individual's rights, and not to make choices for them.

However, Libertarianism has recently has been bastardized by teenage punks who want to seem cool.
Libertarian: Where do you stand politically?

Punk: Libertarian!

Libertarian: That's great! So are we still on for tonight?

Punk: Oh, I can't. I have to stop by the welfare office.
by JS. April 27, 2008

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