One of four, and only four, possible political philosophies. The Libertarian believes in both personal and economic freedom.

The liberal, or left-winger, believes in personal freedom.

The conservative, or right-winger, believes in economic freedom.

The interventionist, or tyrant, believes in neither.

Virtually all political figures, and most of the electorate, are currently interventionist. Things will continue to deteriorate as long as this condition exists.

In most cases, there is no significant difference in candidates. The partisan antics involved in recent elections are therefore absurd. They both are on the same side, so to speak.
His libertarian leanings have put him at odds with his statehouse colleagues.
by Shiva, Kali, Tsects, Fulgora March 17, 2013
A political ideology of minimal government and maximum individual rights. Libertarians stress that the government is only in place to protect the individual's rights, and not to make choices for them.

However, Libertarianism has recently has been bastardized by teenage punks who want to seem cool.
Libertarian: Where do you stand politically?

Punk: Libertarian!

Libertarian: That's great! So are we still on for tonight?

Punk: Oh, I can't. I have to stop by the welfare office.
by JS. April 27, 2008
1. A person who wants to downsize government, and government control over the lives of citizens.

2. Philosophically, a person who advocates an ideal balance between freedom and responsibility.

3. A person who believes that "stupidity should be painful", and that painfulness is the surest remedy to rid the world of stupid people -- who will either cease to be stupid, or simply cease to be.
I am a libertarian. I am pro-choice. I am counter-feminist. I am pro-hemp. I am against the war on drugs. I am against political correctness. I am atheist. I insist on the separation of church and state. I think that capitalism is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, but indispensable to life just like fire, and like fire must be closely watched and contained --NOT by government, but by deeply embedded cultural sanctions. ( Ahem! home-school your children well!)

I am also very, very "green", since one planet is all we get, folks!
Some libertarians out there might not agree with all of the above....
by fidelbogen October 05, 2004
1. A person supporting (on a personal level) greater personal freedom than government control, in non- economical ways.
2. A person who may be either liberal or conservative, but cannot be statist (in support of fascism or dictatorship.)
3. A person who enjoys, and is willing to fight for, their personal freedoms.
4. One who thinks that George Bushes ideals are negative.
"George Washington was libertarian."
"George Bush may be fiscally conservative, but socially he's no libertarian."
"If all Americans were libertarian, crime would fall, there would be peace, and people would no longer need to fear a government which- like the one from 2000- 20??- is oppressive of people's rights.
by Thomas W November 29, 2007
A political mindset.

See: Tyler Durden.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 23, 2009
Someone who believes they are entitled to the fruits of their own labor.
Who is John Galt? A Libertarian.
by John.Galt August 23, 2010
A conservative who has not problem eating liberals.
Any conservative libertarian who likes to debate.
by 2P September 07, 2008
1.When a republican/conservitive has a transcendental awakining of the mind, 'acheive enlightnment' if you will more specificly on political and social matters and wishes to help others to attain enlightinment. It is possible for a democrat/liberal to attain, but with a lack of understanding of the constitution and being soo simersted in special intrest, it's nearly imposible

2.A career politicans, special interest groups, a lobbyests, unions,a corporate crooks and the entitlment classes worst nightmare
'Smaller government, less taxes, and more freedom'

That is the Dao (the way) of the Libertarian
by MWH_12085 October 06, 2009
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