If used in a non-political sense, "libertarian" simply makes no sense at all.
Me: I'd like a large popcorn with a libertarian amount of butter, please.

Cashier: wtf?
by longtimecaller July 05, 2010
Someone who believes that the government is evil but giant corporations would never do anything bad.
Someone who believes that a company's right to make money is more important than the people's right to breathe.
Someone who gets indignant when I kick him in the nuts for blowing smoke in my face.
Someone ranting about the government, usually from the back of a cop car.
The grown up (sort of) equivalent of a kid punching his fist in the air and saying "if you get hit it's your own fault."
Someone too stupid to whack off and pass gas at the same time.
John says he refuses to pay his taxes because he's a Libertarian. The judge didn't share his perspective.
by Sam is a Dick March 28, 2007
Literaly "one who supports freedom"

Common Uses:

1. First recorded use in medieval theological debates to mean someone who believed in human free will.

2. First political usage in 19th century france as a euphemism for anarchist when anarchist publications were banned.

3. Used since the mid 19th century onwards to diferentiate their proposed economic systems from those of classic socialists (ie libertarian communism, libertarian socialism etc). Worldwide this remains the most common use today.

4. Used since the mid-late 20th century to describe an extreme proponent of the free market. This use is almost unheard of outside the united states and canada.
It's real strange how these american radical capitalists use the word libertarian, seeing as how in the rest of the world it is usually followed by the word communist
by slothboy October 14, 2006
One who wants the gov't to get the hell out of their lives
In Maryland, the Libertaian party is gaining a lot of support
by Bryan June 04, 2005
Derived from the word “liberty,” a Libertarian is someone who advocates individual liberties.
Libertarians believe that individuals have the right to make their own choices, as long as it doesn’t harm oneself or other people. Libertarians generally believe in having a small, de-centralized form of government with limited taxation to give the people reign over his or her activities. These types of individuals usually regard issues such as health care, education, etc., as the responsibility of the individual and not of the state. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are well known Libertarians.
by Libertarian from Maryland December 10, 2012
Someone who takes care of a library and helps people find books.
Dude 1:The new school libertarian is awesome!
Dude 2: Uhh... don't you mean librarian?
Dude 1: Oh, yeah of course.
by Vocallyconfused June 21, 2010
Traditionally used to differentiate coercive Statist forms (authoritarian) of socialism from cooperative anarchist forms (libertarian). Adopted by the right-wing in the early 1900s to describe an extremist capitalist philosophy, who now try claim to have exclusive use of the term and ignore its roots.
While the real libertarians try to destroy all forms of domination, control and power, the other libertarians are plotting how to get it.
by Agent Zero September 28, 2003

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