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This is not the philosophy that liberals follow, that is liberalism. This is Liberaltarianism. It is different.

A political philosophy that combines Liberalism and Libertarianism. Liberaltarians are usually left on fiscal issues, such as healthcare and tax policy, and libertarian on issues such as drug and prostitution legalisation. They often do not believe in some social liberal ideas such as affirmative action, smoking bans and hate crimes. They are usually anti war, as both liberalism and libertarianism are, and pro-same sex marriage. Liberaltarians exist in the USA as well as other countries.
People who follow liberaltarianism, liberaltarians, are sometimes called "not real libertarians" by libertarians. Liberaltarians never claim to be. They just claim to have some political beliefs that are taken out of libertarianism, and some that are taken out of liberalism.
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