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A communist with a college education who chooses to think like a nigger.
"Why won't Shirley come to our weekend barbecues any more?"

"Ever since she read that book about animal abuse she's been on this vegan kick. Not for the supposed benefits, but to feel superior to everyone else. Every time she hears about anything she looks for something to be offended about on the behalf of others."

"Oh... never knew Shirley was such a liberal."
by Naaaaate November 07, 2012
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The word 'liberal' is derived from the Latin word 'libertas,' meaning 'liberty.' Liberalism started in 17th Century Europe as a logical and historical development from Protestantism with its focus on an individual having a direct personal relationship with God. Liberalism is also rooted in the English tradition of individual rights and privileges. John Locke's *Second Treatise on Civil Government* articulated the basic principles of liberalism--limited government, private property, equality before the law, the rule of law (meaning an impartial application and enforcement of the broad-based laws that allow for a wide scope of private discretion), and some democratic influence to restrict those in power. Locke, himself a Protestant Christian, believed people to be naturally sinful and selfish, but rational and social enough so that they could peacefully interact with one another. Laws are needed to maintain order, but largely the State should be restricted only to protecting private property (broadly defined as a person's private sphere), and to enforce contracts. The Founders of the United States were all followers of Locke. Jefferson's *Declaration of Independence* is an American adaptation of Locke's basic political philosophy. Puritan John Milton's defense of free speech in his *Areopagitica* provided the intellectual justification of the First Amendment from a Christian metaphysic.
With John Stuart Mill we find a bridge to another conception of liberty and equality that moves more toward socialism. Mill was highly influenced by his wife, Harriet Taylor, who was more of an egalitarian than a liberal. Here we find Mill arguing against classical notions of liberalism. Mill argued, contrary to Locke, that a just law is an encroachment on a person's liberty. He also contended that informal, non-coercive public opinion was a violation the rights of the individual as are traditional prohibitions, say on sexual morality or gender roles. In these moves to conceive of liberty in a broader way that simply overt coercion, Mill started to blur the line between private and public. Mill was also concerned about the distribution of wealth and income in ways that the Founders of the U.S. were not. Mill,at times, argued for a greater role for the State to actually achieve equality of result and actual liberty from others as opposed to a purely formal equality and liberty that the classical liberals sought.
These differences point to a fundamental divergence between classical and modern left liberals. Another such difference is the basic character of human nature. Locke and the U.S. Founders believed that humans were naturally selfish and dangerous in their exercise of power. For this reason, the U.S. Founders placed explicit restrictions on the State including a Bill of Rights, federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances. Jefferson's admonition that the power that the State has to do something for you also has the power to do something to you follows from the doctrine of human depravity found in Christianity.
Left liberals tend to view humans as naturally good or malleable. No one is born evil. So, with the proper education and proper social and economic environment, people can naturally cooperate and care for each other. Brutal punishment is inhumane and simply aggravates past injustices making those convicted of a crime even more alienated and victimized by the unequal social order. What is needed to avert criminal behavior is greater inclusion and benevolence. The mechanism that facilitates these moral advances can be the State. Concerns over abuse of power, at least in social welfare legislation and macroeconomic policy, are not only misplaced but can be unnecessary obstacles for social progress.
Classical liberals view of legitimate State action is quite different. Physical punishment is seen as necessary to control those who freely choose to violate the rights of others. The State is needed to contain human evil and establish justice by retribution fairly imposed. Preparation and engaging in war can be necessary to protect a country from the attacks of an international aggressor. In both domestic and international crime, the person(s) who initiate violence forfeit their rights and violence can be justly used against them.
Some classical liberals such as Jefferson, Tocqueville, and Benjamin Constant believed that liberty was supported in the indigenous cultures of free countries. All of the Founders of the U.S. believed that a necessary condition for liberty was moral self-control. Religion provided the average person with the moral training and habit to prepare them to live responsibly with their fellows. Leftist liberals in contrast tend to be indifferent or hostile to traditional cultures and traditional religion and morality. Following Mill, they tend to see tradition and religion as restrictions on liberty and hindrances to greater social and political equality.
These leftist liberal theorists would not only include Mill, but T.H. Green, John Dewey, and John Rawls. These writers combine some elements of classical liberalism with socialism.
Contemporary classical liberals would include F.A. Hayek, Robert Nozick, and Milton Friedman. They are considered conservative because they are trying to conserve or preserve the original liberal tradition that can be traced back to Locke and the U.S. Founders. They clearly reject an active role for the State in achieving actual equality because such extensive and intrusive actions by the State violate individual liberty and place social planners over average people in power relationships.
"I am a liberal, they are socialists." Milton Friedman distinguishing himself from leftist liberals.
by Tex in Tex January 16, 2008
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a steaming pile a shit. someone who thinks they know all about the problems in life. someone who gets embarassed of his/her country for being the best and would rather switch to socialism and tax the fuck out of everyone to limit success. someone who comes back after a semester of college and spits out the same dog shit that their liberal professors fed them and try to pass it off as their own. someone who hates rush limbaugh for being right all the time and for repearedly quashing their feable arguments. just all around illinformed, misinformed, uninformed steaming piles of shit!
Billy thinks we should vote Obama. He says that Obama is change we can believe in. I said that all Obama's changes would be for the worse. He didn't care, he's a liberal.
by john doe 3000 July 11, 2008
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1 UK - an indivdual who favours a political philosophy of reform and the protection of civil liberties, is tolerant of change and of the opinions of others and, is not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy or tradition.
2 US - a derogatory term applied to anyone who has left wing political views, which implies that they are associated with anal sex and communism.
1 'The high number of economic migrants coming to this country doesn't bother me, Im fairly LIBERAL'
2 'Fucking LIBERAL Hippies.'
by J Riley September 12, 2005
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1) Any term meaning a lot.

2) Term that back in the day, meant someone who worked for the betterment of the American condition. Liberals in these days were often very nice men who would donate a coin to the homeless child on the street who stole food on a nightly basis or the jack-in-the-box cranking monkey that banged a tin cup against the sidewalk while molesting innocent passerby.

3) Any inhuman, vile scum that merely acts for self-preservation and the ruining of others' fun. This list includes but is not limited to communists, fascists, illegal pieces of shit, spies, smart black people, hippies, stupid-as-fuck stoners that don't give a shit and associate with the cause because it sounds cool, revolutionaries, preachers, and people who think the missionary position is the coolest sex move ever invented.

Those fitting 3) want to see your fun ruined. They want to see Uncle Sam boning you in the ass, and they campaign for government healthcare so that the homeless people on the streets can rise up, steal your shit, overrun your cities and infrastructure, and ass rape your innocent wife and children, at your expense as well. They want to allow the frothing zoo of San Francisco to pollute the nation and turn the Stars and Stripes into Rainbowfest. They want a black president mainly so they can fulfill their misguided knowledge of racial equality and high five other liberal bitches on ruining the life of other, conservative, productive members of society.
1) I like my blowjobs with a liberal amount of slurping, please.

2) Did you just see that man help that poor Irish immigrant kid? He's so Liberal!

3) I was talking to Betty at the dinner party about stupid niggers in office, and it turns out she's a liberal! She's not getting the yearly Christmas fruitcake anymore.
by Magnum Mayhem December 05, 2010
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1) An ideology based upon some wellfare and equal rights for various monioritys.

2) A term to decribe a follower of 1.

3) A term used to scare the ignorant and apathetic, usually used by the less ethical members of the right.
1)modern liberalism doesnt really resemble classical liberalism which is more akin to fiscal conservatism.

2)he is liberal

3)theirs a liberal conspiricy to destroy america.
by zombiejack February 01, 2005
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Ignorant freedom-haters who don't think it's worth their time to read up on "the facts". They think that killing soon-to-be babies is right and that noone should have at least a chance at life, no matter how bad it may be. They all praise their pagan forest god Al Gore, whose house emits ten times as many greenhouse gases as a normal house. During the Civil War, they supported slavery against the newly formed Republican party, which was against slavery. Many American liberals cannot speak proper English, either speaking in a completely incoherent "big city" accent, or like they think that they're a rapper. Many value material objects and sex over anything else, and others think that everyone who doesn't think their way should be shot. A common profession among liberals is that of the drug dealer.
"That liberal stole my shoes!"
by CrystDron February 28, 2007
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