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Li-Lun is a term for an Asian that sometimes forgets he is Asian. He can often be found wearing sunglasses that aren't fitted for his slanted eyes or drinking import beer (From Europe!)

He still manages to forget his Asian-ness despite his love for video games and the movie "The fast and the Furious".

Welcomed by his white counterparts and despised by his rice-burning peers.
person A: "He check out that Li-Lun over there"

Person B: "Where?"

person A: "Oh wait, he turned around it just looks like a white guy buying 36 shots of jagger"

Person B: "oh...he turned around now. I think I saw him modeling on a billboard off of I-77"
by Loguenator March 25, 2011
"lilun" is a acronym or abbreviation of the expression Little One. A literate example can be seen on Lord of the Flies, when Piggy refer to the kids.
The liluns were messing around a lot.

Those are the liluns; they age between 3 and 8 years of age.
by Limatrix November 27, 2010

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