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Tatar bombshell, known all around the world as the coolest dico-dancing biotch, who gets drunk without a drop of alcohol and who will seduce you with her exotic dish washing dance moves!! Careful not to get swept away looking into her deep dark mysterious eyes. A single word from her golden lips will destroy your volition and make you submit to her ever-longing desire.
Guy 1: OMG, OMG OMGOMGOMG here she comes!
Guy 2: It's Leysan. I met her in the Amazonian rain forest three years ago.
Guy 1: Leysan is bitching but totally not a bitch!
Guy 2: Yea, she is so amazingly cool, and she knows like 5 languages... she's like an international woman of mystery - a female James Bond.
Guy 1: Yeah I'm so in love with her, but I don't think I have a chance at conquering her untamable heart.
**Leysan gracefully passes the two boys, blows a kiss, and disappears into the mist**
Guy 1: Totally, dude!
by SiryjVovk March 15, 2009
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