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To most, Lexington, Massachusetts is the historical town that is the home of the Revolutionary War. To those who live there it is the snobby suburban town that their parents moved out to from Boston in attempt to raise their children with the best public education possible in a nice quaint suburb...But in turn, these parents populated a magical place full of booze, hot drunk girls, lushes, weirdo liberal freaks that over populate lexington high school, stoners, ignorant moronic cops, destructive house parties, even more destructive woods parties, BMWs, hair salons, bagel shops, and obnoxious overprivledged children hell bent on pre-college destruction. A truly delightful place to reside.
Lexingon, Massachusetts: overpriveldging and spoiling it's abercrombie wearing teenagers one liberal at a time.

"Lexington Barbie : This trendy homemaker Barbie is available with your choice of Lexus SUV or Ford Windstar minivan. She gets lost easily and has no full time occupation or secondary education. Traffic jamming cell phone sold separately. Optional matching gym outfit."
by lex vegas April 05, 2005
On the outside Lexington, Ma is a beautiful place to inhabit with beautiful structures and historical sites. But to those who live here and have heard the real story, behind the Paul Revere Statue there is truly Hundreds of LHS students waiting to screw up...

During the day LHS students with there uggs, designer bags, northfaces, and ridiculous seven jeans walk around with there fake little attitudes. Where girls hobbies include shatting on everyone around them and causing as much drama as humanly possible. The boys usually trying to get as much dome as they can from the most girls they can before there four years are done. Weekends include massive and damaging house parties normally over populated by hot drunk girls and high horny boys just waiting to let some of there natural urges free. The normal Lexington Student is overwhelmed with stress brought on by teachers, other competitive students, coachs, and parents. They half ass there way through school but always tend to get into good colleges because of where they live.
Lexington, Ma Boy: Plays sports Hard. PARTIES HARDER. Leds on about 5 girls at the same time and is never interested in a relationship, only getting massive amounts of ass.

Lexington, Ma Girl: Ugg, Polo, North Face, Abercrombie Wearing teen with a perfect flip of a hairdo and painted nails to perfection. Big Boobs, middle length hair, and BMW's. Normally a Light Weight but always over goes capacity. Slutty at times but devilish inside.
The best town in New England; The best public school system. The Center Of Lexington rocks.(and has the best ice cream)
My friend is from Lexington, Ma, and she is so cool.
by Taylor234567876543 September 17, 2007
Lexington, Ma is a pretty little town with great education. The kids there hang out in the center a lot, and scare the store owners who think they are gonna pull out a gun. Everyone wants to live in lexington, cuz everyone is friggin awesome!!! Lexington is filled with super hot girls.
Oh man! that girl is from lexington, ma!!!! shes so hot!
by dancergirl99 June 11, 2011
We don't have taxi's, we have town cars.....
You will not ever see a taxi in town
by jfaskfjas; June 27, 2005
Ignorant town of spoiled, ridiculously ridiculous idiots. Town's biggest heros=Paul Revere and that guy who won survivor.
Textbook- birthplace of American liberty
In reality- birthplace of a bunch of stupid bitchy people who will never do anything good for this world except for die.
by me May 23, 2005

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