A gorgeous, outgoing, and funny girl that loves Justin beiber, and God. She would do anything for her family and friends, and is so loving and caring. Lexie is that one girl you would do anything for but can't because she's taken by the luckiest kid on the planet, she is beyond awesome and you will fall in love with her on sight.
Lexie that girl that makes you're heart pound like CRAZY!!! Yolo ;)
by yeahyouknowwhothisis;) December 08, 2013
Someone you used to be friends with. But not anymore because they like to backstab their friends. They also like to be sexually active and have had a few pregnancy scares. But that doesn't stop them. If you meet a Lexie be careful and stay strong
I used to be friends with Lexie....then she backstabbed me.
by ChiffonFlower06 February 08, 2015
Fabulous boss ass bitch with great hair.
Lexie is pretty much a goddess
by Basicbitch143 May 21, 2015
Thot, not faithful to their man, goes out with one man but loves three, leaves you on breathe when you call them.
That girl over there is being a real big Lexie.
by Myst Anym March 07, 2015
lexie is really big in sports. like awesome. she is a big smartass. but the biggest thing about her are her tits. >:)

she's a great friend and anyones lucky to have her. :)
lexie is a wildabeast with booobs; sexmachine
by Herbestfrann December 20, 2010
Some crazy bitch that somehow can get any guy by being a slut. *Avoid any Lexie's*
Who's that crazy girl?

Oh that's lexie
by Anon1305 January 13, 2015
biggest hoe you'll ever meet. she stuffs her bra on a daily bases and can start things she can't finish.
kaitlin: "that girl over there just said she was gonna beat me up, but she's over there avoiding me."
jenny: "her name must be lexie, don't worry she'll back out of it."
by pinkflamingo72 November 13, 2014

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