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a girl that is a lesbian and a jew
Dude, she's a lew! Don't piss her off!
by schn461 June 27, 2011
The haxzorest l33test, awesomest guy in the world.

(2) To get killed in a way that glorifis the other guy.
-Wow, did you hear about how Lews bitch slapped the gnomes?

-Yeah, that was so l33t!


Dude, I just got Lewsed.
by Lews March 13, 2005
A bunch of really odd folks, one of whom is also a horseman, the other a radio DJ, another a slave, and some other dude.
"Sham was a member of the L.E.W., but RW was not."
by RW July 06, 2004
The League of Extraordinary Winos!

a group dedicated to......the bottle

Consists of:

Katana Weilder!

and you!
This L.E.W meeting will now commense!
by boosh July 03, 2004
To flatulate onto something in a ironic manner
The mysterious man lewed on the shrubbery that Monty Python was in search of.
by DaCatManz June 12, 2011
A little whimpy kid who has bad knees and plays golf. Has a big heart but can not do simple multiplication, yet he can solve differential equations. He sizzles like a boiling lobster when over exposure to sunlight occurs. He loves unconditionally and also loves apples. He will help anyone that needs ,especially helping old ladies who may be hit by a moving vehicle. Is a remarkable but wont except compliments and yet loves giving them.
Look at that Lew go, he is a turbo!
by Boo2011 June 07, 2011
Adjective describing a negative event or object. Commonly used in online gaming after being shot in the face. From the English "lose."
"I hurt my hand." "lews."
by Gonnas April 19, 2003