A governmental imposed tax, a draft, or the funding for a war.
In a Bill Clinton adminastration, the levy was low enough for the middle class and high enough for the rich that everyone was happy, until Bill Clinton nailed his secretary.
by Leviathon67201 October 14, 2012
Top Definition
Some pretty cool girl that is really nice, but can get angry.
Levy, do you wanna go to the theatre, later?
by Nun of yo biz, noZ June 28, 2011
Definitely the best type of person. A very funny person who enjoys making people happy and laugh. He treats everyone fairly and never judges anyone. Considered to be intelligent by others, he excels in school, but does not consider himself to be particularly smart.
Levy is definitely a great friend to have
by anonymousperson3753 October 07, 2013
To screw someone out of money.
Although we did everything right we got Levyed on our bonus this quarter.
by los chupacabras July 26, 2009
The type of friend whose always down to party. Always down to chill and stands up for his friends without question.
Levy is always down to smoke, drink, and chill with his friends.
by udontknowme6453564 October 08, 2013
One who excepts many challenges and typically approaches them backwards.
The teacher said the problem would be hard, so Levy stated challenge accepted and solved the problems backwards.
by KING LEVY March 06, 2013
A sandwich made of fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, and a breaded chicken cutlet, on a hero.
Kevin: Hey can I have a Levy? You know sandwich made of fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, and a breaded chicken cutlet, on a hero.
Employee of pizza place: Sure
Kevin: Is your mozzarella fresh?
Employee of pizza place: Well it’s not old or anything.
by MattyDE February 09, 2008
The area between the scrotum and the anus.
When I supermaned that bush, I cut open my levy and didn't sit right for a week.

It is my belief that the author of this definition has a huge tumor growing on his levy.
by FratHardFratOften October 17, 2007
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