its a phenomena where the girl you have feelings for, strips you down to the lowest form in the chain of life, and then either gets with your friend or someone whose lesser than you. this situation is almost the closest thing to a black hole, once your in it, unless you act swiftly you will never have a chance to get out.
but this is how you get out the friend zone:
0. she tells you, Lets just be friends
1. your probably not in shape, go the the gym
2. hang out with her, dont call her, let her call you. dont bring up at all how you feel when you do.
3. if she's with another guy, make friends with him. study him like a cavemen.
4. find a different girl, let her know your not desperate. get some and tell her about it. because most girls "guy friends" have to listen about their bs, you bs right back about your relationship to her.
5. when she relizes her bf is a dick and cheated on her, you tell her how much better you would of been if you had a chance.
6. break it off your ur current girl, and go for the girl of your dreams.
7. have crazy sex, and tell her that it could of been easier if she just gave u a chance the first time.

this wont happen over night, give it 3-6 months
by jever April 22, 2007
I do like you as a person, but I don't want to give you "credit" for being strong and confident, which you aren't, so I will call you "friend" just so that I won't have to give you a credit by calling you "boyfriend"
"You are a really great guy, but I want someone more confident for a boyfriend. Lets just be friends, okay"
by Roman Sverdlov June 12, 2006
What a woman says when she wants to break up with a guy, but wants to feel good about doing so. This is rather disingenuous since she generally has no intention of maintaining a friendship; she knows this will generally take care of itself, however, since few men would accept a friendship with a woman they have a romantic interest in.

For extra douchiness, she can send this as a facebook message rather than confront the guy on the phone or in person.

If she is the guy's coworker, every day that he goes to work and sees her will suck ASS.
Girl: I've been thinking, and I've decided, let's just be friends. I'm sorry; I hope you understand.

Guy: oh. <awkward silence>

Girl: I truly hope we can still talk and hang out sometimes. Well, I gotta go; my favorite TV show is on. See ya!
by Peteythepleaser January 01, 2012
When a girl says this, it's code for:

1. "I want someone else"
2. "Why should I settle for some gay loser like you who will treat me like a princess when I could have a guy who will treat me like shit, cheat on me after getting me pregnant, and introduce me to all his friends as his personal sperm dumpster?"
3. Both of the above
Nice guy: I love you
Girl: Let's just be friends. I think you're probably gay anyway.

Jerkass guy: Hey bitch, want to let me snort cocaine off your ass after I have a three-way with you and your sister?
by rtv0587 June 19, 2012
A phrase used mainly to end a relationship. Once this is said, you will most likely never have contact with the other person despite the meaning of what was said.
Girl: I think we should break up, let's-just-be-friends.
Guy: Alright, i'm okay with that.
*2 months later*
Friend: Have you heard from -- lately?
Guy: Dude we haven't talked since we broke up.
Friend: Didn't she say she wanted to stay friends?
Guy: I guess not, no one ever actually means that.
by BigBoiDMoi June 28, 2011
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