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Two lil' dykes who like to hang out and chill like bros, but with no sexual attraction. Completely platonic.
Lesbro 1: Yo, let's meet up and talk about Tegan and Sara and how rad our girlfriends are

Lesbro 2: We have a rad lesbromance
by Alligator_arrow March 23, 2010
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A definitive form of non-sexual romance stemming between two Lesbian friends.
Random Guy 1: Look at those girls over there!
Random Guy 2: Yeah man, they've got a total lesbromance.
by Demosthenes the Greek! March 29, 2010
Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight females.
Sally and Martha have a total lesbromance!
What do their boyfriends think?
Oh, they don't mind. They think it's hot.
by swimmer195 June 22, 2012

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