A moment of connection, usually a joke, phrase, or quote, between two homosexual women. Often about old episodes of Buffy or past girlfriends. These moments happen more frequently when the lesbians are friends, exes, or there are a large number of them.
Mia and Alli had total lesbionage when they we were talking about tuna fish at lunch today. I still have no idea what they were talking about.
by Wingy Wonky November 15, 2010
Top Definition
To convert into a lesbian
She lesbionaged her friend, by stripping for her. Her friend quickly bacame interested in the lesbian world. She was lesbionaged.
by silentthread November 29, 2007
A play on the word 'espionage', only with lesbians involved.

Usually used in such a way where a woman (who is a lesbian) is inquiring as to a females sexual preference in a round about way (i.e a friend or indirect questioning).
Guy 1: Hey! You know that Savvas girl?
Guy 2: the Greek one?
Guy 1: Yeah! I heard her talking to my girlfriend...asking questions about her favorite cars...sounded like a case of lesbionage....
Guy 2: Aw, gay.
by JBL11TX December 19, 2010


1. The act of covertly attempting to turn a lesbian straight via late night tactics (i.e. boozing).

A hybrid word containing lesbian and espionage.
Steve: What'd you do last night?

Joe: I attempted some lesbionage

Steve: awwwww snap!

Joe: The mission was unsuccessful.
by WillyDynamite June 13, 2010
The act of pursuing secret lesbian trists
A mixture of lesbian and espionage
Did you see her hand?
Definitely grazing the boobs for too long...
by loquesha June 16, 2008
The act of being a lesbian, in which one lesbian spies on another, and commits acts of self pleasure.
OMG Cindy has been committing acts of lesbionage since she moved in to her new apartment!
by Blake_yo March 16, 2008
The act of spying (espionage) on one to find out if they are in fact a lesbian.
The LDS Church committed many counts of lesbionage for the purposes of outing her to her parents.
by logicalotus March 05, 2014
It's like when two lesbians are trying to keep everything a secret...against the government.

Not to be confused with lesbian bondage.
Once the CIA figured out there were two female involved, the charges for espionage were dropped and replaced with their arrest for lesbionage.
by hom o. sapien September 26, 2006

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