The combination of the words lesbian and espionage to create a word meaning a female who is secretly (taken from espionage) a lesbian (taken from the word.. you guessed it! lesbian).
Any girl or woman you feel may secretly be hiding there sexuallity can be called a lesbianage.

Example 1
Girl 1: (to Girl 2) Lets go to the bathroom!

Girl 2: Okay!

Guy 1: You guys are such lebianages!

Example 2.
Girl 1: (to Girl 2) You look good tonight!

Girl 2: Thanks! So do you!

Guy 1: You two are such lebianages!
by Ben-jay-mon February 17, 2009
Reconnaissance and surveillance carried out by lesbians. All lesbians are known to do this without exception.
I know there's lesbianage going on, I can see birkenstock footprints.
by turqoisenoise March 19, 2011
when a chick acts out her lesbian fantasies with a metrosexual male basically rendering her as a lesbian because the dude is equally as much of a pussy as she
Gunz believes Poise feels lesbianage because she is with Mikey.
by Mrs. Poise June 08, 2011
Committing lesbian-like actions such as one woman making out, touching, rubbing, or feeling another woman.
Boy 1: My fetishes are S&M, bondage, and long legs.
Boy 2: I'm just happy with lesbianage
by UltimateOwnage November 20, 2011
Spy action conducted by lesbians.
Those hot, clam-smacking whores were spying on the Chinese in an elaborate operation of lesbianage.
by awfulbridesmaid December 02, 2010
1) The act of hitting on a lesbian woman in hopes of her changing teams.
Guy: Oh damn that girl is so hot.

Friends: Dude shes a lesbian.

Guy: Time for some lesbianage
by Thedecembomber November 08, 2011
someone who is accused of being a lesbian
Did you see sabrina and ariana? total lesbianage right there
by Connor November 02, 2003

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