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A lesbian who is tired of eating pussy, but will not give into dick. A Vegan Carpet Muncher may eat it sometimes, but may just look the other way. She may eat the occasional steak just to not eat pussy. A Vegan Carpet Muncher has troubles admitting she is a Carpet Muncher, after being a Vegan for so long, she may just give up and be just a regular Carpet Muncher. To spot a Vegan Carpet Muncher just watch for the girls who never eat any pussy, only say, kissing, dildo playing, never any licking of any such.
Christie- So I hear your a Carpet Muncher?
Lori- No, I'm a Vegan Carpet Muncher.
Christie? A what?
Lori- I don't like pussy.
Christie- So then your not a lesbian?
Lori- No, I am. I just don't like pussy.
Christie- So your a Lesbian Vegan Carpet Muncher?
Lori- Yep!!
by Delagodo January 09, 2012
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