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A lesbian who is 25 and over but parties at 18+ clubs because it's the only place she can seem cool. Also wears "Shane" or "Justin Bieber" hairstyle. Believes she's black but is white as a ghost. Has more nike tennis shoes than she does actual street cred. Often seen with shitty arm sleeve tattoos and wallet chains. Frequently works a dead end job and "crashes" at their parent's house... you know, until they can afford a place of their own. Be forewarned, this species of lesbian is prone to cheat, or as they call "serial monogamy". Thinks it uncool for someone to have a professional job, pay their bills and support themselves.
You'll know a Lesbian Douche Bag by her pick up lines, like, β€œIs your girlfriend sitting here?” (She sits down.) β€œNow she is.”
by D-Bag Haters October 06, 2011
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