An island near the Isle of Man, where all of men's fantasies come true and alive.

I wish I was living in Lesbia...

Lesbians are inhabitants of Lesbia.
by Damn Damn Danno October 07, 2005
Top Definition
Many lesbians - More than one.
"There's some lesbians around here!"

"No... theres some lesbia"
by Shaboomx3 September 07, 2009
A place that exists only in the minds of London's more stupid cab drivers.
Passenger "In that case, what are your views on Lesbians?"
Cabbie "Er, um.. send 'em all back to Lesbia. I've had enough of 'em scrounging off our welfare state. I had that Abu Hamsa in the back of the cab once. He wanted to go to Heathrow. I'll tell you what mate, I've never driven a fare so fast ha ha ha..."
Where all lesbians come from: lesbian heaven.
Mommy, if all lesbians are girls, how do they reproduce?
by thepony October 05, 2008
the act of being a lesbian, liking the female gender
look at that girl being lesbia over there, this girl i know was being lesbia yesterday
by uniballer uniball April 09, 2009
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