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A super lesbian that is so dykish she needs to have both names to describe her sexuality.
Yo u see dat gurl? I think she a lesbian.

Nahh nigaa she a lesbi-dyke. dats a whole notha category of pussy lickin.
by fuckniggazgetmoney September 08, 2010
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An un-harsh and affecionate term for my mummy and my new mummy and a great icebreaker when telling my friends.
In the workplace:

"I hate gays"
"Why? There's nothing wrong with them"
"Why, are you gay?"
"No, but my mum is a lesbi-dyke!"
by Lee2mummies February 27, 2010
A word using both lesbian and dyke to combine into 1 word, lesbidyke would be describing the most lesbian of dykes.
The woman with the mullet hair motorcycle jacket and Harley is a lesbidyke
by The haterer November 07, 2011

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