a fat ginger ferret whos hobbys enjoy pretending and tit wanks off miss edge
look at that fat bastard les getting off with miss edge
by Marky D February 12, 2005
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Top Definition
Definition A;
A character from the Beano comic who pretends to be something every issue and dresses up like it, beginning with a martian in his debut.

Definition B,
Pretentious lesbian, some bitter girl who got screwed around by some asshole so she decides that she hates all men and refuses to date another, so she announces thats shes moving onto dating girls, even though shes not actually a true lesbian.
Example A;
'That Les Pretend is such a copying bastard'
Example B;
'wah wah, I hate all men, I'm gonna go date girls now'
'pfft, yeah thats right, tar all men with the same brush, friggin Les Pretend'
by Llihp Notwen April 15, 2013

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