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To Love. The act of Lerve. LOVE
I Lerve you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever Courtney my sweet!
by Djabrista April 05, 2005
34 13
To delight in another's existence beyond what can be expressed with a mundane word like love.
"I don't just love you, Brad, I lerve you."
by Senorita Jiggypants December 03, 2007
42 6
platonic love. the act of loving a good friend.

also see:

best friends lerve eachother
by camptevyalingo April 25, 2005
11 14
When a Girl (bitch) or a Dude (nigga) be Too lazy to go into details about a situation. Then when the story is vague as hell their friends comment on it like they get it.
Person 1: "yahh know, likeeeeee ... For real though...Dat Nigga"

Person 2: "Word up."

Person 3: Them niggas is lerves.
by coopermarshall94 January 07, 2012
0 4
to love platonically, see love or platonic
girl: i lerve you!
world: we lerve you more!
by camptevyalingo April 25, 2005
13 19