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Any variety of small, Celtic faeries who exchange their usual green suit and tophat for a black catsuit. This fairy uses their innate advantage of size and agility to supplement their abilities as a thief and assassin; training in the ways of ninjitsu and practicing constant masturbation.
Holy shit, it's a Leprechaun Ninja! Someone help m--**schwing**--aaaargh! **death*8
by Leprechaun Ninja January 19, 2004
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Also: Tom Cruise in 'The Last Samurai'
Did you see the Cruiser in that dumb movie? He was even smaller than the Japs. Looked like a Goddamn leprechaun ninja!
by Miles Pieri January 21, 2004
Any variation of smaller than human size beings that are leprechauns who also have training in the ways of the ninja. Said LNs can take spirit or material form. They can be seen wearing a mix of leprechaun and ninja clothing items.
The tiny leprechaun ninja disappeared in a flash of smoke. *POOF*
by TWL April 03, 2007
A piss retarded flamer who can't get enough karma by sucking up to every known mod in existence.
@Leprechaun Ninja, You have +5 karma?! what moderator are you fucking!?
by Killyagood February 11, 2004
A retarded flamer who incessantly haunts forums, an LN has no life, no "real" friends, and never, NEVER gets any pussy. For reasons unknown an LN is regarded as popular, this is most likely caused by an LN fucking one of the staff members for forum favors, male staff members of course.
LN: Hi, I know alot about ninjitsu,

Everyboy else: Shut the fuck up fag, nobody cares bitch!!!
by Renefuc January 28, 2004

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