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Leonardo Dicapri Sun, sometimes written as Leonardo Di Capri Sun, is an American actor and film producer. He is commonly referred to as Leonardo DiCaprio, which is his birth name, but mispronunciation and general humour has resulted in the concoction of: Di Capri Sun.
The name is a combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Capri Sun, a popular beverage for children and adolescents.
Person1: "I saw this film recently. The film was Titanic, and it featured Kate Winslet and . . ."
Person2: "Leonardo Dicapri Sun?"
Person1: "Who?"
Person2: "He was in Shutter Island and Inception."
Person1: "Oh, yeah. Leonardo Dicapri Sun. Thanks!"
#leonardo dicaprio #leonardo di caprio #capri sun #leonardo di capri sun #leonardo dicapri sun
by HarderSmiley December 15, 2011
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