A friendly person; will help a friend in need. Beautiful inside and out. Trustworthy and reliable. Honorable.
You're in a bind. Who do you call? Lentz
by Krissybaby August 29, 2012
Top Definition
To treat people like complete crap when you are not with them, but then when you see them act like they are great and that you care about them.
My family is so Lentz - they don't care about me at all but then when they see me they pretend like they do.
by howitreallyis September 28, 2014
The literal translation means "shit"
"Dude, I almost stepped in fresh dog lentz this morning."
by dubbinT February 03, 2010
Old German for springtime
Michael Lentz (born 1964, Düren) is a German author, musician, and performer of experimental texts and sound poetry.1
He was the winner of the 2001 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for his book Muttersterben. In May 2006 he was appointed professor at the University of Leipzig
by ScreamingTaco January 02, 2011
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