Leno (or, to Leno) - A word to describe being frustrated and or extremely hateful of something and or someone. Also to screw, steal, damage, endanger, attack, or poison. Substitute word for being pissed off. Also can describe a person who over stay's their stay or someone who says there going to do something, does it, then takes it back.
"You need some ointment for that Leno?"

"Don't Leno my boobs on the subway!"

"Go Leno yourself!"
by Preperation H Raymond January 21, 2010
1) A modern appropriation of the term Indian giver, with pejorative connotations one might associate with a liar or a douche bag.

2) To overstay ones welcome after having announced a time of departure.
1) I can't believe he took the show back, what a leno!

2) Jesus, is that guy ever going to leave? His time's over, what a leno!
by Dirtywerk March 10, 2010
A guy that Likes to wear women's panties and jacks off in them because he loves the feel of spandex , Leno's also like gay bum sex
That guy is just another "Leno," when he bent over I seen his panties
by Stimpy meade May 30, 2015
1.J.T. Money
Double AA's Cuz. fo Life

2. Spanish for Joint, Firewood Bundles, and JAckopots
"Bust out the Lenos and bust out the Bacardi.."-SLV

by Double AA September 19, 2003
noun: a marijuana cigarette.

source: albuquerque police department.
"(The defendant) then said he had been smoking a leno, which is a name used for a marijuana cigarette."
by androog November 08, 2009
An angelic warrior in constant battle with his evil twin, Io, and his archrival, Seph. He has the ability to contact the gods to receive godly powers and smite his opponents.
Leno lopped off the Kagemusha's head!
by Roach April 18, 2004
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