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An African-American guitarist/singer.

He has been in the biz for quite some time, and though he is no Jimmy Hendrix, he's quite enjoyable to listen to. His voice is rather unique as well.
I prefer his early 90's songs, such as "It ain't over till it's over" and "Are you gonna go my way?" rather than songs around the album 5 and beyond.
by IcyHaku April 24, 2005
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Bi-racial music artist, with a retro funk, reggae sound...son of deceased television actress "Roxie Roker" {Good Times} and producer/Exec. "Sy Kravitz".
Unable apparently to embrace his heritage, he went by the name of "Romeo Blue" early in his career...however he found no success in what appeared to be patterning himself in the image of music talent "Prince".
He went on to later marry "Lisa Bonet" {Liliquoi Moon/Cosby Show}, but after sowing a few too many oats...found himself divorced in 1991.
They have one child together...a daughter, "Zoe".
His music has a fairly distinct flavor for the times, with a unique mixture of Reggae, Funk, Rock and Blues...and his unique looks and style have also brought him notice.
To his credits are also several songs written for other artists, such as Madonna's "Justify My Love".
He has a mystique and sensuality about him that makes him desirable to women of various races...and to many, his flagrant non-conformist traits {such as tattoos and several piercings} are beyond the realm of mere sexiness.
The ultimate ménage à trois: Lenny Kravitz, Angelina Jolie...and me, of course.
by BohemianEarthMother August 05, 2005
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Lenny Kravitz is awesome, his best songs are: fly away, american woman, and cab driver
Lenny Kravitz is cool
by tan October 28, 2003
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a popular black American rock'n'roll performer, sometimes classified as alternative. His music is a combination of soul and hard rock and while he ain't no Jimi Hendrix and some people think his music isn't really original, his songs are very pleasant and enjoyable. He often sings about love relationships, racism and sometimes God. He often plays all the instruments himself on his albums. Some albums are better than others but all of them have something to recommend them. Check out some Lenny today.
In 1993 I saw Lenny Kravitz perform live on Saturday Night Live. He and his band ripped through "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" and "Always On the Run". Man, they were smoking! They rocked the house big time. They got a major standing o. This is basically all I remember watching on TV that night. Lenny, you ROCK!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 15, 2006
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Lenny Kravitz is the american woman.
by Christina August 30, 2004
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a singer who enjoys stuffing his crotch to make it look larger
by Jermafroqwan January 09, 2005
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1, A mixed race artist famous for his 90`s antics and songs

2, Black people who dress in rock leathers at heavy metal gigs that stick out like a sausage roll at a Barmitzvah.
"Jesus Chris -- look at that LENNY KRAVITZ over there"

" Yeah man, he sucks "
by Upper Class Twit2 February 10, 2008
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