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A word used to describe something immensely boring.
Dude that place is so lemont i would rather get gang raped in prison.
by whoaimlemont April 03, 2011
A term used for an up and coming community that was once filled with poor, low class, white trash and is being taken over by nouveau riche wealthy ex-Chicagoans.
Remember the good ol' days before this fucking community became a lemont
by David Ricobene July 14, 2004
A village near Chicago. Nothing really to do here.
We went to the Lemon Tree because it is in Lemont.
by asdfgtu78hkjk April 27, 2007
A small town with great places to eat like pancake cafe, Nick's Tavern, Illinois Bar and Grill
Lemont is a great town to live in.
by lovemommy45 November 08, 2011