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A type of class where one does little/no work and plots to bring down the man. Financial backing provided by Chattahoochee Tech/The souls of the innocent.
Person 1: I'm taking a Lemke class this semester!

Person 2: OMGWTF!!!111!
by --- September 07, 2003
A girl that is a total tease. A huge flirt. A girl that asks a guy out to a function such as a party and then also invites at least 5 to 10 other guys. A girl who will talk to you at a bar, touch your arm and tell you how into you she is then will go to the bathroom and do the same thing to every other guy she runs across along the way there and back.
Dude, she's a total lemke!
by cashlion September 18, 2009
Former second baseman Mark Lemke of the Atlanta Braves, 1988-1997. On the 1995 World Series Champion team. Also referenced numerous times on HomestarRunner.com
Lemke was a man....uh.....he was a short man!.....err......maybe he was just short......but he was still LEM-KE!!!!!!!!!
by yo mama July 20, 2003
It has something to do with the shower... or not. Homestars 14th homepage
Look, look at the word lemke!
by logan May 22, 2004
An activity or person(s) that has become lame or disappointing.
These people are lemke. This place is lemke. That shit is lemke.
by Tony Freddo September 13, 2009
When someone pretends to be more successful than they truly are.
Did you see that? His cheap ebayed "professional" shoes prove that he's pulling a total Lemke!
by Whats in a name? October 05, 2007