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Lelani is a flower of heaven
She is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out

she is gorgeous and courageous

you will never find a better friend than her
She will encourage you to do stuff for the better good
Lelani is overall a great and enthusiastic person. It is a blessing to have a friend like lelani

Never let her go you will never find somebody as special as this girl
Even through your ups and downs thick and thins
She will always be on the other side waiting to help you and to be with you
Never leave or let go of a lelani
They will never let go or leave you
She is a blessing
Person1: wow look at lelani
Person2: she is so nice and helpful
Person1: if I was ever friends with her I wouldn't leave her
Person2: you should never let go of a blessing.
by 2centss June 16, 2014
Lelani: is kick ass,
and is the reason why nobody can find Chuck Norris
Lelani brakes noses and throws pencils.
Why cant google find him?
he finds you my ass.
by spiderweb. January 21, 2011

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