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Definition of perfection. Wait...she can get angry at times but besides that she is the full package. She is the 1 in gazzillion girl just like her name. Her name speaks for herself. She is a european hottie with nice toned legs. Not skinny like a stick, not fat tree trunks but very toned. She is the one to look out for when you older, keep an eye out on Lelah. NEVER EVER make her get jealous, lelah always thinks of the worst when you do things and gets really really paranoid. She isn't "Hot" she isn't sexy but she is her own extordinary word. Lelah.
"WOW i thought Lelah's didn't exist nor this stunning looks!"
by Mynameis... July 21, 2012
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swear word in herbrew. can be yelled out during jewish intercourse, genrally by fairheaded males
(Rabi drops matze): oh lelah!
Chocc during intercourse: Lelah,oh lelah,,mmmm lelah
by lelah sully June 09, 2008
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