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Amazing and totally fukkable black girl with a gorgeous smile and perfect body. Really outgoing n alwayz lookin 4 sumthin to write about. Really big boobs and an apetite for success to match!
Aint NOBODY sexxier than Ms. Leilani ye digg??
by ms.leila.baybee March 25, 2010
128 264
The epitome of female perfection
Damn that girl is a Leilani, I think I'm in love!
by Willenium0994 July 10, 2008
701 123
Heavenly child or flower
My baby is soo gorgeous im goin to name her Leilani
by Monie252010 June 02, 2009
469 150
Usually a name for a Hawaiian flower. Sexy and Very Intelligent. Often crazy outlook on life.
Guy- Hey did you see Leilani Last week?
Other guy-Yea dude she's pretty bangin'!
by J_lol April 11, 2011
230 95
Binge laughing- laughing extensively, profusely, daily, without breath.
"I leilanied all day yesterday when Annie shanked Paco!"
by bootaylor February 04, 2008
332 235