A sweet thang with a nice ass.
My wide Leila is smokin
by down2earth69 July 16, 2011
Leader of the Liberal Ladies Lahore Party. Followers are called Weilas. See definition Weila.
Leila is a freedom fighter standing for equality and rights of females in Lahore, Pakistan.
by Oxford Dictionary, 419-R January 04, 2011
Master of cool.
Leila is the master of cool, the master of cool is Leila.
by Manymuch April 17, 2010
The most beautiful girl you will ever set eyes on. She's funny, smart, a great friend, and any guy would be lucky to have her. She is a bit on the geeky side watching PewDiePie videos every week, but she's a lovable companion.
Guy 1: Do you think that's girl's Bella?
Guy 2: Nah, she's definately Leila.
by baffalobill July 07, 2014
-means "Princess of Darkness"
-Meant to be said in an opera/sing-song voice
"LEILA!" (exaggeration on the I and the A, "LeeeIIIIILLAWWWWWW!")
by Steffsturr November 07, 2006
A girl who likes fashion, dresses like a slut, and when she falls in love she does stupid things.
Leila isnt a whore, she acts like one.
by dancerinthenight April 27, 2013
An extremely old fashioned name. Sounds like someone crammed a doily and a knitting set and a cup of tea and grey hair into a name!
'Where did my knitting needle go?'
'It's underneath your doily, Leila.'
by ashleeleila December 25, 2011

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