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an exotic, beautiful, caring name. which would describe a beautiful woman. she has charm and class.
she is amazing, she must be named leila.
by love_bug December 15, 2007
a society full of whores and people the use others for fame/popularity/money or just to be cruel. These people are found all over the world but many live in Cairo and pop their pimples with needles. Pad their bras with socks/tissues or cotton, whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Rumored to wear many pads in their underwear to make their asses look bigger. Sleep around and spend time with older men. They purposely act dumb because they don't have a point in life. Spend time making others feel bad.
Leilas' have
-big boobs (padding)
-big ass (padding)
-slut (sleep with many boys)
-drinks/smokes/takes drugs underage
-pimply face- pops with needles
- very white/pasty- normally a genetic malfunction in the girls
- cruel
by haha123678123 February 19, 2012

Because your beautiful
this is for you,
Because honestly you are,
Because you brighten up everyday,
Because your the sun that shines,
Because your smile cheers up any face,
Because your the only thing that matters,
Because i would do anything for you,
Because this is for you,
Because your Leila and i love you
by markolovesyou April 28, 2009
-means "Princess of Darkness"
-Meant to be said in an opera/sing-song voice
"LEILA!" (exaggeration on the I and the A, "LeeeIIIIILLAWWWWWW!")
by Steffsturr November 07, 2006
Master of cool.
Leila is the master of cool, the master of cool is Leila.
by Manymuch April 17, 2010
A true Persian goddess. A women with big beautiful eyes that is unforgettable.
That girl is such a Leila, her boyfriend is the luckiest guy in the world!
by NakedTime December 08, 2010
The very essence of everything masterful, sensual, orgiastic, nautical, and serendipitous.
The Leila in the air brought everyone to their knees.
by knutethebrute June 25, 2010