a girl with beautiful brown eyes and loves to just hang out. she is always sweet, but wont always show her emotions. she is smart and will wait for her prince charming, and stay committed to him. she is a great kisser and loves to snuggle.
Leigha's eyes are shinning so bright.
#leah #leaha #leigh #great kisser #perfect girl
by xtrapink January 12, 2013
Top Definition
Leigha's are beautiful, happy girls who love to be with there best friends.They love having sleepovers, staying up all night & eating junk food till they throw up!There eyes tell there life story & leigha's DEFENITLY love going to the mall with there bff's!
(leigha) (eyes) (best friends) (bffs) (maddy)
#leigha #eyes #bestfriends #bffs #maddy
by maddylynn March 18, 2009
A girl with beautiful blue eyes. She is a shy girl who can easily hide her emotions. She will wait patiently for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet.
Omg that girl is such a leigha
#blue #girl #pretty #beautiful #shy
by Teaontoast October 21, 2013
A VERY Over Dramatic Emo/SceneGirl/Boy.
Who Loves To Stalk People That H/She Thinks H/She Is Dating.
::But Really H/She Is Not::
Also May Become Very Jealous.
H/She ALWAYS Thinks H/She IS The Center Of Attention.
And If H/She Has A Problem.
H/She Will Make Sure EVERYONE Knows About It.
Also, Thinks That Doctors Cannot Fix A Internal Injury.
H/She Thinks That If They Get This Surgery.
They WILL Die.
Makes Everyone Want To Rip Their Hair Out.
"Oh My Jonas!!!...That Girl Is Such A Leigha!"
#overdramatic #stalker #jealous #psycho #emo #scene #scary #run!
by ShiAnneAlisha June 20, 2008
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