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Gender: Female
Origin: American
Meaning: Beautiful Woman
by woolumstick February 04, 2010
32 11
A very rare name which is most commonly given to females. Leighann, in all simplicity describes an overall amazing individual, who's mere presence makes you wanna be a better person. Has the deepest blue eyes, a great smile, and yet has a high pitched obnoxious voice. A lot of fun, but there for you when you need her. Clumsy, has no sense of direction, and has an unhealthy attraction to musicians. Life is too short to not meet someone this incredible.
Gary: Dude I think I love Leighann
Random guy: She doesn't go for losers Gary
by Graavvvy December 10, 2010
149 29
could be a first or last name.
Meaning nonetheless than beautiful.
Or crazy when it comes to fun.
Leighann was amazing today.
by k-e-ree January 27, 2009
118 65
A very cool kid. Fun to hang out with. She resiliently lost her best friend.
I love Leigh Ann she is the best!!
by volleyball hottie April 17, 2006
86 63
A name that is very rarely given to people of the female gender. LeighAnns are very few and far between, but they are typically incredibly sweet, gorgeous, intelligent, have an excellent personality, and are overall lovable people. If you happen to be one of the lucky few to cross paths with one, don't be an idiot. Take advantage.
Stranger 1: Hey man, I met a girl named LeighAnn today!

by DuDuDu January 26, 2014
6 1