One of the most notorious whores in Rhode Island circa 2002-2007. Known to sleep with anything that has a dick, reguardless of its facial attributes or bodily proportions. Also famous for its love of bukhake, and the infamous Stink-N-Suck.
Holy shit! You gave that chick the ol' Stink-n-suck? She's fucked everyone I know, what is trying to turn into a Leigh?
by Johnny Trips May 22, 2008
A shitty-arse town in the north-west of england, near to wigan. Near to a once great village called Lowton, but over the years has since developed into a town full of chavs who spend their lives drinking white lightning, smoking, and cursing the last numbers of genuinly nice peop;e. People from Leigh think they are a lot better than people who live in Lowton and Wigan, but they are exactly the opposite. Most people from the town deserve to be shot
Jonny: Hey dude, you fancy doin summat today?
Chris: Sure man, where do u wanna go?
Jonny: How about Leigh?
Chris: Hell no, man, that place is the shithole of the country, only deadbeats and spongers live and go there
Jonny: Well, erm, how about Wigan then?
Chris: Sure, OK
by Hargy July 21, 2006
I COMPLETELY disagree with the first definition, OK?
Firstly, to ridicule a town you don't even live in is just DISRESPECTFUL, IGNORANT, and to be honest a bit PATHETIC.
If you haven't noticed, There are teenagers drinking cheap cider in Wigan and Lowton too, so I don't think there's any need to single out Leigh.
And it's completely unfair to judge a town on the people who inhabit it.
The person who attempted to define Leigh before me HASN'T GOT A CLUE!
by cocacolaprincess21 August 07, 2007
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