Leigh is a small, depressed town just outside of Wigan. Runner up in the 2009 'Shithole of the North competition' it appealed the decision which was upheld. On closer inspection by the judges it was decided, on balance, that the town had no redeeming features at all.

Local passtimes include flicking cigarette butts at the few unfortunate ducks that populate the canal and fighting.

The gene pool in Leigh is limited, noone moves to Leigh by choice; unless they're from St Helens which in any event would cause further gene distress.
Welcome to Leigh. Shithole of the North.
by Snobbo84 December 14, 2010
scared of mice, referred to as an elephant
Leigh-Call me and elephant, but i dont like mice!
by jk268 November 24, 2011
A name for girls who are prissy but not, genuine but not really. Girls with this name often are amazing, stunning , and a are BAMFS.

P.S. they tend to brag about how manly they are.
Rick: Wow that girl over there must be name Leigh i just blew my load twice.

Tom: Dude she kicked a old lady in the teeth!

Rick: I know shes so manly its hot!
by Bri Bri Waggy March 25, 2007
High school in San Jose. Kick-ass nationally known music program. Everything else...not so great. ok test scores. Course offerings suck compared to nearby schools. Only seems to care about preparing students for community college, so the smart kids don't know how to get into a competitive college. White, hispanic, and asian. Occasional geniuses, retards that think they're smart, and retards that don't think.

Many graduates become music majors, or at least the ones that do go to college.
1. Smart (but not informed) student: What, we have to take the SAT to get into a competitive college? Leigh High School never told me that!

2. Random fankid in Ohio: Wow, you're part of the LEIGH high school music program??? OMG!!!!!!!
*true story

3. Leigh student 1: I'm taking AP American History!
Leigh student 2: But you suck at history...you can't even write a decent essay.
Leigh 1: So? It's open enrollment!
Leigh 2: *groans*

4. Leigh student: I want to take AP Calculus BC sometime!
Counselor: Sorry, we don't have that. Only AB & AP Stats.
Student: Japanese? Italian? German? American Sign Language?
Counselor: Nope, that was a long time ago. Only Spanish and French.
Student: Woodshop? Metals? Auto?
Counselor: Don't have it.
Student:um, how about band?
Counselor: Which one?

by stuck at leigh February 22, 2007
someone who sucks major ass, but is also the most amazing person in the world. this person is loved by many, probably too many. both girls and guys want her big cock. every person she walks by must drop dead because their eyes burn so much from seeing such a beautiful soul. also has an incredibly perverted mind, which gives many boys big fat boners. lastly she shoves penguin inside her vagina while thinking of her sexy lovers.
"woah did you see that chick?"

"yeah, must have been a leigh."
by autumrain April 11, 2010
Leigh, an insult,
used to describe one with a "holier than
thou attitude", who has a rare menstral
cycle that occurs for 3 weeks and 6 days
of each month.
Jesse (typical bf of a leigh T.) "I am sorry I only got
an A on my euro test leigh I knw you
would have done better, I studied for
hours: please don't kill me; I like those red
jeans, how did u get them like that?"
by hi leigh- your bff February 08, 2009
use of a cheesy pick-up line on someone too hott for you, but they buy it and you have crazy sex with them
"DUDE, I just leighed on this chick"
"how'd it turn out, dawg?"
" i said 'my lips are skittles..wanna taste the rainbow?' and she was in my sheets in 5"
by parkcityBB December 05, 2007
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