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A Jaguar XJ6.

Etymology: From the the council estate of Leigh Park, near Havant in Hampshire and a luxury car manufactured by Bentley Motors Ltd, Crewe, UK.

Such is the level of peasantry prevalent in the aforementioned estate, the highest status peasants (who work part-time on the checkout at Havant Hypermarket), can afford the required £395 to buy and park a Jaguar XJ6 on the grass verge outside their hovel. Despite this shameful one-upmanship, their relative status is recognized, and as a result they are duly credited with ownership of a vehicle greater than the one they own. Consequently the Jaguar XJ6, as seen less often than Ford Sierras in council estates countrywide, is upgraded symbolically to attain the status of a Bentley.

See also 'Leigh Park Jag'
'Wow, look, there's a Leigh Park Bentley! Ha ha ha ha ha!'

'Jim's just bought a Leigh Park Bentley for banger racing.'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
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