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The last three Star Wars episodes in one game. Allows you to make janky Lego characters such as Yoda's head and Lando body. Reminds your dad how cool the old Star Wars episodes were.
Person 1: Hey man I bought Lego Star Wars 2 yesterday. I made Leia on a man's body.
Person 2: Leia already looks like a man.
by Tez, a man July 06, 2010
One of the crappiest, glitchiest, most horrible games ever made. Especially the DS port. It's time to break out the champagne and celebrate if you can actually get this horrible piece of crap game to function and not glitch out for two seconds.
Dude 1: Dude! I totally got Lego Star Wars 2!

Dude 2: For the DS?

Dude 1: Yep!

Dude 2: *epic facepalm*
by r1swimmer March 08, 2011

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