what you say when you have the munchies and somebody comes up and steals your waffle so you kick their ass
Leggo my eggo, bitch, fore I mess you up!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
Top Definition
An expression originating from an ad campaign for eggo brand waffles. In each commercial character A would attempt to steal character B's eggo brand waffles forcing B to yell out "Leggo my Eggo" to express his disdain at A's lack of respect and rude actions

Can be used when someone attempts to take anything of personal importance from you but will rarely succeed in helping you retrieve your possession.
What the fuck bitch, leggo my eggo!
by Jerry November 18, 2004
"Leggo my eggo" is a former German expression for "Bite me" used in the late 70ies and throughout the 80ies. "Leggo" comes from "Lecken" what "lick" means. "my" is an easy bavarian "mei" ("mein" - in this case "meinen"). "Eggo" equals "Ego" the first person - so "me". Together it´s like "Lick myself" (German "Leck mich") or roughly "Bite me".
You lied to me so "leggo my eggo" (Translation from German)
by MarcTale August 12, 2010
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