what every white girl wears all day every day
girl 1: Omg did you see Becky's leggings
girl 2: Omg yes

both: her butt looks big
by bob with 2 O's April 14, 2015
Leggins are Retarded.

They are footless pantyhose that were popular for a minute in the 80's. Why footless????, so you can show off your ugly pale feet?

If you are thinking of wearing leggings to look cute or sexy, please, upgrade to stockings
That girl thinks she looks haught & sexxxy in those leggings.

I bet she will wear a skort tommorrow.
by ms. tyler March 08, 2008
The proper name for an entire leg covered with tattoos. Both legs being tattooed are referred to as "leggings".
"Dude, sweet sleeve! The colors on that dragon are sick!"

"Thanks, you wanna see my legging too?"
by icsouthsiderm July 02, 2010
A full LEG tattoo. Referring to such as a sleeve is not appropriate seeing as sleeves are on shirts which you wear on your.....ARM.
i dont like it when people refer to full leg tattoos as a leg sleeve, sleeves belong on your arms. dont ask me what i would call it cause i dont know, i just dont like leg sleeve....

Emily: pant would be appropriate
14 minutes ago · Like · 1

Kelly: Leggings or tights! Lol
11 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Sarah: all three are better than sleeve
10 minutes ago · Like

Emily: a legging. it's official. i'm going to urban dic it
10 minutes ago · Like · 1

Sarah: dooo it
9 minutes ago · Like

Kelly: Hahahahahahaha
9 minutes ago · Like
by Yilme May 18, 2012
Legging or Leggin' is the meaning of taking a picture of your legs, or lower half, with a beautiful or crazy scenery behind. The picture is a POV angle and should catch where you are and/or who you are with.

Legging is an upcoming trend; just like planking, tebowing, etc. Legging can be taken with Instagram for better effects. Be sure to follow @LeggingOfficial on Twitter.
Did you see the picture of me at Disney World? I was totally legging in it.

I just took a picture of me at the beach #legging!
by @LeggingOfficial May 23, 2012
Annoying tight article of clothing worn on the legs that are very annoying when trying to have sex with a girl. Although the clothing expands and is "stretchy," the leggings are very difficult to take off and very difficult to put on when you are trying to hurry things along.
I tried to have sex with her but by the time she got her leggings off I already had to leave.
by Julio A January 13, 2008
leggings are leggings not pants! if you are going to wear leggings, at least wear a long shirt or sweater to cover up your booty! Wear skinny jeans, yoga pants, or shorts as pants, just not leggings! especially for sports! i mean i don't like pants either but in public it counts as indecent exposure
Girl 1: Look at that girl doing a throw-in.
Girl 2: Ewww, she doesn't have any pants on...
Girl 1: She is wearing leggings.
Girl 2: Geez, those don't count as pants!!! Nobody wants to see that! *Cough Cough* Slut
by NoPants April 20, 2013
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