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A honourable and respected clan from Runescape since September '08. Currently with 60 top-notch members professional and trained in everyway: from personality, to tank, to even a wink or a smile. Their moto: Once a Legendz, always a Legendz.
JamieBaby: Damn, I wish Legendz would let me back into their clan. I feel like shit yo. | Infinitone: Lol bra, that's what you get for trying to pull a fast one on us. | JamieBaby: I'm going to walk around with a Legendz-wannabe sign on top of my head. | Infinitone: K, whatever suits you bra.
by AddOil1427 August 03, 2010
One ownage asian. See uber and elite for more details.
Dude! LeGeNdZ is teh 1337 sh!t.
by Brian Han August 30, 2003
aka mYsTiK or mYsTiKaZn
the boy who likes ida foamycrack but hides it.
1800 ida fuck
by khoa August 30, 2003
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