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To do something. Anything you can think of.
Jim: Did you guys finish moving the couch?
Joe: Nah, there were only two of us, we couldn't get our legs over the whale.

Beth (in need of a steak knife for steak): Be right back, I need to get a steak knife so I can get my leg over the whale.
by Jimjackson223 May 29, 2009
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A problem. Whenever you can't do something, you can't get your leg over the whale. When you need help doing something, you need help getting over the whale.
Jen: Man, I've gotta do 5 days worth of homework in one hour. I'm never gonna get my leg over the whale.

Bill: Hey, can you bring me that dolly? I'm trying to move this huge box and I need some help getting over the whale.
by Slangbear22 May 30, 2009

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