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Valve's latest installment, a zombie-fest based on the source engine.
Looks like possibly the greatest multiplayer action that we, as mortals, shall encounter.
It features whats called the "AI Director", which spawns the infected/zombies from different points on the map every time the game is played.

Many claim this game is actually sex in its video game form.
Left 4 Dead Dude 1: wtf that fat shit just threw up on me. thats fucking disgusting.
Left 4 Dead Dude 2: should of been watching your back noob.
by NecromancE September 18, 2008
Pretty much a fucking beta test that Valve made everyone do so they could get left for dead 2 right. I payed $50 to be a fucking guinea pig. The down loadable content the promised is going to be on the second game. So what should have been free is now gonna cost prob another 50 bucks. Left 4 dead is now filled with annoying people who do not give a fuck about the game anymore so they just team kill you and your team and then kill themselves. Also has a lot of people that join games and then leave randomly. Cool game when it started, but now it is fucking shit.
Annoying prick: I think I am going to go play left 4 dead and kill my own team and piss everyone off.
by Peopleplz June 08, 2009
A game were you and your friends play as survivor trying to get out of a zombie apocalypse alive. There are four characters, Bill, Zoe, Francis (the best) and of course Louis the black guy that always dies. There is also a Versus mode which is basically the same thing except your trying to beat the other teams score and the teams take turns playing as zombies and humies.
Bill: Francis shut the fuck up!
Francis: i hate hospitals, doctors, boat lawyers, the army, the woods, log cabins, sewers, boomers, smokers, zombies, your mom...

Gamer: Left 4 dead sucks on xbox.
by Mr. sandman bob additon March 07, 2009